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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News: American Idol Of The Living Dead, Round 13

Now, if we were cruel, we'd make some sort of crack about E.T. saying "Ouch!" or something like that, but we're not cruel (much).

Truth be told, Elliott was the best singer of the bunch, but what can you do? Taylor has his crowd-pleasing Gray Charles schtick (woo!) and Katharine... well, she's got a cople of solid reasons she draws in the votes.

Boobs, if you didn't know what we were talking about.

So off you go, Elliott, go put those oversized teeth to some flesh-rending use.

Taylor and Katharine? We'll see the two of you next week, when the show will be much longer than it needs to be, and each of you will be forced to sing the bland dreck off a song that is foisted upon the Idol finalists.

And then we can put this godforsaken topic to rest. What the fuck were we thinking?

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