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Friday, April 29, 2005

News: Your Next American Idol

No, it's not an editorial, Timmy. The public has demanded that The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration endorse a candidate for American Idol and our finally doing so is nothing short of stop-the-presses news.

Could we possibly back anyone other than "white velvet" himself, Scott Savol? Whether woo-woo-wooing his way through his eyeglass-flinging rendition of "Against All Odds," giving that bi-yotch Simon his trademark half-lidded hairy eyeball, or just chillin' with a baby-mama smackdown, Scott rocks a mic like a vandal and waxes a chump like a candle, embodying the class and dignity we've come to expect from Idol. Go Scotty. It is indeed your birfday.

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