The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration

The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration promises a neverending spew of pointless minutae, brilliant yet useless ideas, troublingly cruel commentary and emphatic musings on whatever shiny object happens to catch our collective eye. Always remember, hate the game, not the playa.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hot Or Not? Let's Hear From James Brown

Our apologies to Jerry Lewis-- Jerry, we pushed you too far. We admit it. We had no right to parade three hideous mutants from Hot Or Not in front of you, and right after lunch? We would have snapped too. You shouldn't feel ashamed. Maybe we need a judge with less... delicate sensibilities. So let's throw it to the hardest working man in show-business, James Brown, and see what Papa has to say about these brand new bags.
"Hea'meh... ahmmasay wooooo! Yeh. Huh. Issa gonefine prettyladynow. Oooooo... youseewhasay? Buyou ain'nevah gonnaknow what! Heh! Gonefine prettylady no doubt! Groovin... movin.. gettinfunky anna fine yougotcha gotdamn bigfoot onna arm... Hai! "

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