The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration

The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration promises a neverending spew of pointless minutae, brilliant yet useless ideas, troublingly cruel commentary and emphatic musings on whatever shiny object happens to catch our collective eye. Always remember, hate the game, not the playa.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hot Or Not? Jerry Lewis Knows

We'll admit it. We've spent a few afternoons here at the J.E.I. compound chuckling over the inflated egos and quiet desperation on display at Hot Or Not. But really, who are we to judge? Well, compared to Jerry Lewis, we don't know squat. So to all you hot-or-not-ers out there, pay attention. Jerry's gonna set the record straight.
"Oy the raccoon eyes! Maybe if you gave Max Factor the night off your pores would stop with the acne like a volcano and the hot lava and the hoisen claven... lay-dee! Darling, you may never walk alone, but you might have to wear a bag over your head. I gotta say... not."