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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wish List: Batman TV Show Shakespeare Bust

Though we're not the first fan boys to drool over this kitschy gem, we've had our eye on it for years (but the $300 price tag has always kept it just out of reach of the impulse buy column). Of course, we're talking about the fantastic secret Batpole access switch Shakespeare bust from the Batman TV show.

Bronze-finished and almost two feet tall, with a hinged head that reveals a retro Bakelite switch that controls an AC outlet, this mofo isn't just a prop; it has almost unlimited uses.

Plug in anything to it-- have it switch on a lamp or power up your entire music studio; wire it to open a garage door or flick on a blender, whatever-- it's just effing cool, and we want one. Now all we have to find is the dial-less light-up red batphone on a cake plate...

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