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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wish List: Hieronymus Bosch Pooping Devil-Bird Action Figure

Screw Hummel. If you want a tough-as-nails figurine that will also stimulate your art-school sensibilities, you can't go wrong with the Hieronymus Bosch figure set.

Pictured at right, Devil on Night Chair depicts Ol' Scratch himself, his cauldron-wearing glossy black-eyed avian embodiment hungrily gobbling condemned souls while perched on a stilted commode. The figure unfortunately does not include the pit-pooping aftermath (as shown in the original painting, see below), but the message is clear: sinners are in for a world of suck.

As for the painting, please open your textbooks...

Bosch, Hieronymus: The Garden of Earthly Delight

Bosch's most famous and unconventional picture is The Garden of Earthly Delights (c. 1504; Triptych, plus shutters; Oil on panel; Central panel, 220 x 195 cm; Wings, 220 x 97 cm; Museo del Prado, Madrid) which, like most of his other ambitious works, is a large, 3-part altarpiece, called a triptych. This painting was probably made for the private enjoyment of a noble family. It is named for the luscious garden in the central panel, which is filled with cavorting nudes and giant birds and fruit. The triptych depicts the history of the world and the progression of sin. Beginning on the outside shutters with the creation of the world, the story progresses from Adam and Eve and original sin on the left panel to the torments of hell, a dark, icy, yet fiery nightmarish vision, on the right. The Garden of Delights in the center illustrates a world deeply engaged in sinful pleasures.

For a ginormous look at the complete painting, click here. The detail is amazing and horrifying. If you're on dial-up, make due with the wee graphics below. And for chrissakes, get broadband, it's 2005.

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