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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Illiterature: The Uncut Bible

The following is an excerpt from our own Dr. Chalazion's upcoming book, “Gold, Frankenscence, Muhrr & Assorted Nuts”

"… by reinserting the edited text, the entire meaning of a verse has been altered significantly.

In other cases, the reintroduction of these once-lost words and phrases can leave the intended message relatively intact, and yet still change in remarkable ways the overall atmosphere of any given passage. In the case of the “Sermon on the Mount,” no in-depth analysis is necessary to realize that the event itself was probably a most grueling engagement under an unrelenting desert sun. But, whatever other talents he may have possessed, the Messiah’s physical stamina certainly has to come into question when we are presented with the true final moments of His address as revealed here; Jesus, no doubt reeling from the heat, imparted His cryptic closing wisdom, “Blessed are the carp, for they shall be shiny,” after which the Son of God apparently took four or five steps and vomited onto his own sandaled feet."