The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration

The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration promises a neverending spew of pointless minutae, brilliant yet useless ideas, troublingly cruel commentary and emphatic musings on whatever shiny object happens to catch our collective eye. Always remember, hate the game, not the playa.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The J.E.I. Seal Of Approval XIV

Like the pokey Titanic trying to scoot betwixt the icy-bergs, firing up the blast furnace to get The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration back up to running speed after our unexplained late Autumn sabbatical takes a bit of time. So to pace ourselves, we've elected to ease into things with our almost completely pointless J.E.I. Seal of Approval.

  • Chuck Norris Facts
    Normally we try to stay away from the sites the other sites are pimping, but holy christ if this isn't one of the funniest things we've read in months. Seriously, it's piss your pants/get a cramp in the back of your skull funny.
  • Esquire Cover Gallery
    OK, after that you're gonna need to decompress a little. This collection of Esquire Magazine covers dating back to 1933 is pretty fascinating, and won't give you a skull-cramp.
  • Kiddie Records Weekly
    Hope you popped for the big iPod, because if this site gets its hooks into you, you're gonna be downloading enough vintage children's recordings to make Captain Kangaroo plotz. We're still waiting for Ernie & Bert's "Tiger Hunt" (b-side to the "Rubber Duckie" 45).
  • Sears Wishbook 1979
    If you're in your mid-to-late thirties, this was your childhood Bible. No Christmas was complete without slipping a dog-eared Sears Wishbook to Mom & Dad with all the slot cars and crappy Sears-brand video games circled. Now scanned and Flickr'd for your nostalgic convenience. Really, where else but in a 1979 Sears Wishbook are you gonna see Superman clinging to Godzilla's leg like a squealing pussy?

Well done, all. Insania Fragilis, Fectum Dubitabilis!

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